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Omega Finance

The professional training and coaching company Omega Finance was established with the mission of making financial knowledge accessible to users in a more practical manner. In addition to traditional financial training programmes intended for participants at banks and corporations, we organise more sophisticated training programmes intended for specialists.

Our goal is to put financial theory into practice; our passion is to empower individuals, companies, and banks to use more financial instruments, develop appropriate risk management solutions, and comply with new financial regulations.

We have

Practical financial knowledge and solutions for you

Our teaching philosophy is to be as practical as possible. With sound and, above all, practical knowledge, we will help you solve real-world, everyday financial problems.

Our seminars cover financial areas such as:

Trading and hedging with derivatives.
Investing in bonds and equities.
Financial markets and instruments.
Managing and hedging portfolios.
Market risk and liquidity management.
Bank regulations.

We offer

Professional financial training and coaching,
in-house training, financial consulting, and more

We are the training partner of international and regional banks in Central and Eastern Europe.

We address a wide range of financial topics in our different workshops. We regularly hold seminars in Budapest, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje, and Zagreb.

Professional education for you

Financial Training

Financial Training

Seminars are designed for professionals in the financial sector and for corporate financial personnel. Individual topics are usually divided into
In-house Training

In-house Training

All of our public programmes are also available in-house. We can also prepare a tailor-made programme that addresses your exact
Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

Practical experience gained through our work on the financial markets and enhanced by continuing education give us an edge as
Web design

Web design

We can help you create a beautiful website for you and your business. Get a professional-looking website without a big

Develop your career to the next level
and enhance your potential earnings.

Keep your professional development continuous and stay on top of your peers.

Upcoming Public Seminars

Upravljanje rizicima u bankama
Upravljanje rizicima u bankama
Cilj seminara Upravljanje rizicima u bankama je da upozna učesnike sa finansijskim rizicima. Prikazane će biti dobre i slabe prakse upravljanja rizicima.
Seminarji za podjetja
Seminarji za podjetja
Seminarji ponujajo priložnost za pridobitev novih finančnih znanj, ki jih boste lahko s pridom uporabili za učinkovitejše poslovanje Vašega podjetja.
Izobraževalni center
Izobraževalni center Omega Finance
Finančno izobraževanje in usposabljanje je ključnega pomena za uspešen razvoj zaposlenih v finančnem sektorju, pa tudi finančnikov v podjetjih.
MiFID II - kako pripravljeni smo?
Smo že pripravljeni na MiFID II?
Nova finančna uredba (MiFIR) in dopolnjena in spremenjena direktiva (MiFID) sta začeli veljati 3. januarja 2018. Ste že implementirali vse zahtevane spremembe v vsakodnevno prakso?

Our expertise was gained from extensive experience.

We view all our clients as partners.
We take a cooperative approach to ensure that the participants that take any course we design and deliver obtain from it the best possible results.


In-house Training

Why Choose Us?

In-house training

Customised content tailored to specific audience needs.

Reasonable prices.

Constantly renewed and updated topics.

Good balance between financial theory and practice.

Extensive course materials with case studies.

Complex concepts turned into easy-to-understand ideas.

Interactive and practical teaching methods.

Lecturers have a passion for the topics they teach.

Contact us to learn more about our tailored learning solutions.


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Omega Finance has trained employees for many financial institutions, companies, and public sector organisations.
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