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The financial crisis has thoroughly shaken the foundations of the banking industry and financial markets. In response to the crisis, individual countries adopted different measures. Common to all countries is a fiercer financial regulation. Therefore, we expect the scope of the financial regulation and risk management to be crucial in the coming years. We prepared two seminars for you to cover those topics.

CRD IV – The implementation of Basel III in EU

A new legal framework for better and safer functioning of banks is based on the experience gained in the financial crisis, which revealed vulnerabilities in the rules and supervision of the EU banking sector. The primary objective of CRD IV is to increase the flexibility of the EU banking sector, to better absorb economic shocks, while still ensuring that banks continue to finance the economic activity and the growth of the economy. 


Financial Markets and Market Risk Management

The financial markets are constantly changing. In recent years, they have changed significantly due to the global financial crisis. The regulatory authorities and financial institutions require more transparent, fair, and prudent actions from all market participants. The objective of the workshop is to present the current functions of the major financial markets and instruments in a structured and comprehensive way. 
Novosti, ki jih prinaša CRD IV
Upravljanje finančnih tveganj

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