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  • The company Omega Finance was established with the mission of making financial knowledge accessible to users in a more practical manner.


    In addition to traditional financial training programmes intended for participants at banks and corporations, we organise more complex training programmes intended for specialists, in particular from the banking sector.


    The aim of our seminars is to cover financial areas, such as investing in bonds and equities, managing and hedging portfolios, trading and hedging with derivatives and risk management, as well as certain areas of accounting and auditing.


    Individual seminars are available in several levels of difficulty, from introductory seminars for beginners, who wish to acquire basic knowledge as quickly as possible, to very complex workshops prepared for those financial professionals who already have a great deal of practical experience and who wish to upgrade their day to day work with financial innovations and thorough understanding the details of individual financial instruments.


    With sound and, above all, practical knowledge of financial instruments and financial markets, we will try to help you solve practical, everyday financial problems.

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Course leader

  • The leader of the majority of seminars and workshops is the company's founder and director, Jernej Doles, who has been involved in training in various areas of finance and banking for almost two decades.


    In addition to diverse experiences acquired during 15 years of practical work in the field of trading financial instruments, Mr Doles constantly upgrades his knowledge of financial theory. Practical trading with different financial instruments has helped him understanding their logic, functioning and beneficial application, as well as the functioning of the financial system. By trading different financial instruments, he has gained a practical understanding of the risks present on the financial markets.


    He has been working as a lecturer of different financial topics for almost two decades at different training courses and conferences in Slovenia and Europe.


    He is passionate about education and empowering individuals, companies, and banks to be able to use more financial instruments for trading as well as for hedging different financial risks.



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  • Why choose Omega Finance:

    • Programmes are designed by professionals for professionals.
    • We focus on providing our clients with training solutions that are specifically designed to help them address their key business challenges.
    • Lecturers are expert senior trainers with advanced academic and practical backgrounds.
    • Group size is limited to ensure optimum contact time between trainees and the lecturer.
    • Favourable prices of seminars in relation to the competition.
    • Seminars are constantly renewed and updated.
    • They are up to date with respect to changing market conditions and the regulatory framework.
    • Seminars are a good combination of financial theory and practice.
    • Complex concepts are turned into easy to understand concepts.
    • Extensive printed course materials with case studies.
    • Lecturers have a passion for the topics they teach.
  • What participants say about us

    • "Very interesting and useful knowledge, practical and clear examples."
    • "The instructor was very knowledgeable about the topic presented. He made each theme very interesting."
    • The lecturer brought life to the workshop and tried to draw in the whole group. Really an excellent workshop."
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