Financial consulting


  • We will advise you as competently as possible based on the experiences we have gained through practical work in individual segments of the financial markets and enhanced through continued education and training.


    We specialise in consulting services with regard to hedging and the introduction of new financial instruments. Our focus is product innovation and risk management. We can help you draft rulebooks, investment policies and different guidelines.


    Our comprehensive understanding of the financial industry, regulations and competitive dynamics helps us implement a full range of solutions.


Good advice is worth its weight in gold

  • We frequently need good advice.However, we sometimes feel we have nowhere to turn because we do not know anyone willing and able to respond to or find the appropriate solutions for us.A second opinion is just as important in finance as it is in medicine.



    Omega Finance is the right address for your questions, problems and dilemmas. We will do everything to find a smart and competent solution to help you succeed.

  • Consulting and advising

    • portfolio hedging
    • cash flow hedging
    • introduction of new financial instruments
    • organisation of good practices for trading in financial instruments
    • drafting of rulebooks, investment policies, guidelines and other similar documents
    • preparing presentations for customers
    • advice on structuring and issuing securities
    • hiring of a part-time financial director
    Financial Consultant Enquiry