In-house training


  • You may sometimes find that sending your staff to a public course is not feasible. At times, you may encounter the need to train a group of employees. In-house training will help you solve these problems.


    All of our public programmes are also available in-house. We can also prepare a tailor-made programme that addresses your exact requirements, including your data, experience and specific dilemma.


    Similar to our flexibility regarding financial content, we are also flexible in terms of a time and location best suited to you.


    In the case of internal training, it is wise to think about the related costs and outcomes. We can save you money. In-house programmes impact your bottom line in two ways.

    • The courses are so practically focused that they have an almost immediate impact on the skills of those being trained. Through in-house training, profound savings are made on costs compared to conventional approaches: no travel costs, reduced time away from the business, etc. You can train more employees in the scope of the same training budget.
    • Courses are charged per day and not per participant, representing the potential for significant savings.

    In addition to the above, we can help with presentations, promotions and the training of your clients, and the promotion of the most demanding financial products to selected customers.


    Consider building team spirit and bringing employees together in a common learning environment.

  • Advantages of In-house training

    • Quick and Efficient
      • In-house programmes are appropriate for small organisations that wish to quickly and efficiently obtain some particular financial knowledge.
    • Specific Knowledge
      • For large organisations with many employees in similar jobs who require specific knowledge that cannot be obtained through traditional training at other educational institutions.
    • Confidentiality
      • Discuss situations and cases specific to your organisation in confidentiality.
  • Courses tailored to the specific needs

    • And objectives of your organisation
    • Delivered at your location.
    In-House programs
  • How to receive in-house training

    • Contact us and we will gladly respond to your demands. We will try to offer the most suitable program for you.
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